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Hello and welcome to my friends, loyal followers and newcomers. From this site you can learn more about the most amazingly fantastical system of rectal manipulation in the known and unknown universe, purchase Bob Buddy signature products and receive powerful messages from me, Bob Buddy. If you have lost your direction in life, you have come to the right place. I can guide you to become a fuller person using intense Assana practice.

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Deep Thoughts with Bob Buddy
The words of Bob Buddy guide you to the path of righteousness. Combining the wisdom and power of a God and the loving care of a sweet grandma. Bob Buddy takes you deeper than ever before.Check it out >>
Bob Buddy Events
The only way to truly feel the creative force of Bob Buddy is to attend one of his many events. Find an event near you and attend it if you are a true seeker in the ways of Assana.
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Bob Buddy Products
Literally, people can't wait to get their hands and anuses on our products. Purchase exclusive Bob Buddy Signature gear through our online store. You'll be aligning your Chute Chakra in no time!
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